Monday, May 27, 2013


Nordstrom dress, Forever 21 denim jacket, H&M necklace, Kate Spade handbag

Every year, I pick out a "birthday outfit" with accessories and shoes to match weeks before May 22nd comes around. This year was the first time I had absolutely no time to pick an outfit! But by a surprising coincidence, the gifts that I was so lucky to receive from my friends and family all came together to create this casual and colorful outfit. My favorite color combination--coral and mint--was perfect for a a warm spring birthday and a morning of browsing Fashion Island and eating my favorite waffles at La Pain Quotidien.  

I spent the day eating, shopping, and eating some more (of course). I am so blessed to have to have so many loving people in my life who made me feel like a princess last week. From surprise dinners to unexpected gifts, I cannot show how thankful and fortunate I am to have you all in my life. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Simple Nothings

 ~Bright flowers from Mother's Day weekend~

Every weekend of this month and next month are fully booked for me. And as much as I'm dreading it, I'm still excited! Whether its graduations, weddings, or writing papers, I have barely had any time to spare for myself. But the little things that do make me smile are worth documenting. From bouquets of flowers that aren't even mine or a delicious dessert with a friend, I love the sweetness they bring into my life (literally).
~Creme Brûlée waffles at Bruxie are an extra special way to satisfy a midday sweet tooth~

 ~Almost missed the design in my coffee during my ten-minute break~

~Weekend essentials: sunglasses and a nude pink lip~

Monday, May 13, 2013

Back to Basics

Forever 21 blouse, Charlotte Russe blazer, Foreign Exchange skinnies, Target blush pumps, Steve Madden purse

Sometimes the most appealing outfit is the most basic outfit. A breezy printed blouse, dark wash jeans, and a fitted blazer make for the most comfortable yet still put-together ensemble. This outfit took me from class, to a quick lunch, and then to a fun dinner with friends at my favorite restaurant. This top was a gift to me on my 19th birthday, and I am still in love with it. I have worn it in so many different ways! The white blazer was also a gift on my birthday last year--from myself. Who says you can't treat yourself?

I'm looking forward to the light at the end of this I-have-to-write-five-papers-this-week tunnel. I'm having a good Monday so far; hope you all are too!

xoxo, Iman

Friday, May 10, 2013


Zara hot pink skinnies, H&M blouse, Charlotte Russe necklace, JustFab bag

I have been searching for this J.Crew-inspired necklace everywhere, so when I finally found it at Charlotte Russe, I was beyond excited. The color, size, and price were all so perfect! This morning, I built my entire outfit around the necklace, and when I put it all together, all I could think of were oranges and grapefruit. All I need now is some yellow sandals for a touch of lemon. The vibrant coral and pink just reminded me of citrus. This calls for a trip to the farmer's market for some fresh fruit. Or a glass of orange juice will have to do for now. 

On another bright note, I posted three times this week! This makes me so happy, because it was my original goal when I started my blog to post at least three times a week. Seems like May has good things in store!

Happy Friday, and have a good weekend!

xoxo, Iman 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Cropped and Cute

Kohl's blush pink cropped pants, gray peplum top, Forever 21 Necklace, Target blush pink pumps, Love Culture bag

Last weekend, we spent some time at the beautiful Gardens of the World in Thousand Oaks. The Gardens were absolutely gorgeous and so peacefully perfect for a quiet walk. I changed about seven times before deciding on this outfit because the weather was not making up its mind. Seems like the weather and I have a lot in common. 

I think the shades of gray and subtle pinks were perfect for the gloomy weather on Sunday. Plus, this outfit transitioned perfectly into a spontaneous afternoon of bowling and crepes. Although, I can't say the bowling shoes exactly worked with the cropped pink pants.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Maxis in Mint

Forever 21 dress and earrings, Abercrombie and Fitch denim jacket, Love Culture bag

I have a weakness for maxi dresses. And the color mint. So, obviously this dress had to come home with me last Thursday. I love how versatile it is; I wore it casual for a day of shopping and family time, but I'm also planning to dress it up with a white blazer and some heels soon. 

It's pouring rain this morning, and I'm reminiscing back to this flowy maxi dress (if four days ago counts as reminiscing) and the 85 degree weather that I was so ungrateful for at the time. We always just want what we can't have. Except I wanted the dress, and now I have it. So I guess I can't really complain.

Appreciate all the good you have while you have it :) Happy Monday!